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Quality Time -- Buffy/Giles PG

Buffy is having some serious issues with Olivia, but is it really Olivia that's the problem?

Maltrovata al Chiar di Luna - Inseguendo le Tenebre, Following Darkness -- Buffy/Spike PG-13

Buffy and Spike versus the Initiative.


Hello 2000 -- Willow/Spike PG-13

Willow has company to help her ring in the new year.

And then there was Spike -- Willow/Spike R

Sequel to "Hello 2000", Willow plans to get Spike's soul back, despite objections.

Dear Diary -- Willow/Spike PG

Reading the diaries of the Scooby Gang (follows the "And then there was Spike" series).

Happy Un-Birthday -- Willow/Angel(us) R

Set in an alt-verse... Willow's B-day prezzie.

Always Anya -- Anya PG

A short piece about Anya.

Family Reunion -- Willow/Spike PG

This is a story about a little family reunion which occurs over March Break in Sunnydale.

Heart and Soul -- Buffy General PG-13

Dealing with Death... the gang will never be the same.

Slayer Senshi -- Buffy/Sailor Moon Crossover PG-13

Scooby Gang and Sailor scoutes unite! The Hellmouth is going to open and a new Sailor Scoute will help fight against it.

Interlude -- Willow/Spike PG-13

A short Willow/Spike piece.


Apparitions of the past -- Buffy/Spike PG-13

Someone's past is revealed as a new evil arrives in Sunnydale.


Blue Moon Love -- Willow/Spike NC-17

Willow cast a spell with surprising results.

Dragon's Lair -- Willow/Spike NC-17

Willow, Spike, Aaron and Giles at the beginning of time. This story is a pre-quell to my Blue Moon Love Series.

Secret Confessions -- Willow/Spike R

Spike and Willow angst.

Innocence Undercover -- Willow/Spike R

Willow has a plan to find out who the commando guys are. Not everyone likes it.

Don't Give Up Your Day Job -- Willow/Spike R

A shape-shifting demon is torturing and killing young women in Sunnydale. Giles, Willow, Xander and Spike look for this monster. Buffy is away in Europe for vacation. Angel and Cordellia are in LA. The mansion is the new gang hang out, Spike is living there now.

A Snowball's Chance in Hell -- Willow/Angel Buffy/Spike NC-17

An Angel/Willow and Spike/Buffy fiction. Just read it!

Michael Donovan

The Seventh Son Series -- Buffy General PG

The Dark Side of the Zeppo -- Xander PG

How different would the events of "The Zeppo" have been if Xander had found himself not so powerless?

Instincts -- Oz PG

Oz is forced to confront the savage side of his nature.

Vengeance -- Jenny PG

A year after her murder, Jenny Calendar rises from the grave and death has changed her.

Justice -- Jenny PG

Jenny Calendar returns from the dead and is faced with a fundamental decision, sequel to Vengeance.

One Final Goodbye -- Buffy/Angel PG

After graduation Buffy must say one final goodbye.

Fire -- Willow/Spike PG

My take on a possible kindling between Spike and Willow.

Morning After -- Misc. Fiction G

A young man recovers from a rough night out on the town.


Inside with you -- Willow/Spike PG-13

Spike and Willow switch bodies. I got the idea when I heard about Buffy and Faith.

The Blinded Series -- Willow/Spike G - R

Aquiring the Taste -- Willow/Spike PG

Angel realizes he doesn't know everything.

Something Old Something New Someone Bloody Someone Blue -- Willow/Spike R

Willow and Spike have to get married as part of a ritual to save the world, but will they kill each other after the ceremony? Oh and there's small problem, she's with Oz, and he's with Dru.

A Long Day in the Universe -- Buffy/Willow/Spike NC-17

Spike proves how well he's gotten to know Buffy and Willow in a very interesting way.

Honeysuckle -- Willow/Spike PG

Willow is taking a leisurely honeysuckle scented bubble bath.

The Love to Hate Series -- Buffy/Spike PG - R

The Impressionistic Things Series -- Willow/Spike G - R

She Falls Like -- Willow/Spike R

Spike is part of the Scooby Gang. He starts to get REALLY close to someone in the midst of a typical Hellmouthy set of events.

Spanked -- Buffy/Angel/Spike PG-13

Buffy and Riley take a certain blonde to LA to see his "dad". Wackiness ensues.

Tapestry -- Buffy General PG-13

This is my "What if" take on the last four episodes of Season 4 of Buffy. Like what if Spike and Willow were secretly together? What if Oz never left after 'New Moon'? What if Spike's backstabbing wasn't what it looked like?

Now We Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Program -- Angel the Series - General PG-13

Hmm. Two psycho fans get sucked into Angel's world. First in the C&J Series.

The Princess, the Lawyer, the Pixie, and the King of Pain -- Angel the Series - General PG-13

Set after the season finale of ANGEL. Lindsey, the one handed wonder, digs into a certain former cheerleader's past, and gets more than he bargains for.

Bliss -- Angel the Series - Angel/Cordelia R

Something pretty bad happens, and Cordelia and Angel get closer. Vague, I know. So SPANK me. Heh heh heh.

Naked Friends -- Angel the Series - Angel/Cordelia PG-13

Set after the season finale of ANGEL. Mr. Billowy Coat, King of Pain is living with the May Queen. Things happen when you live in a place that has one bathroom.


Temporal Folds of a Memory So Lost and Never to Be Recovered -- Willow/Spike PG-13

An episode rewrite of the "Angel" episode "I Will Remember You" - using Willow and Spike.

Claddagh girl

Cold Heart -- Dru/Spike/Xander PG-13

Dru tortures Xander in an attempt to get to Buffy.

Killing Me Softly -- Angel/Cordelia G

Angel is haunted by memories of his little sister Kathy.


** A Bunch (A WHOLE BUNCH) of stories will be added in the next update**

Sorry for the Delay :)


The Reunion -- Buffy General PG-13

10 years from now, it's time for there High School reunion, and there lives to change........... Forever.

The Walk -- Willow/Spike PG-13

While Willow is out for a walk, someone comforts her.

A Promise -- Willow/Spike PG

Spike gives Willow a promise, sequel to 'The Walk'.

Kidnapped -- Willow/Spike PG

Willow gets kidnapped.

Soulless -- Willow/Spike PG-13

Willow gets a diary, that tells her, about her soul mate.

Kindred Spirits -- Willow/Spike PG

Sequel to 'Soulless'.

Chance -- Willow/Spike PG-13

Willow likes Graham... and Spike.

Haunted -- Willow/Spike PG-13

Spike meets a vampy friend from his past, and something happens.


The Fated Series -- Buffy/Spike G - NC-17

Nunc scio quid sit Amor -- Buffy/Spike/Angel NC-17

Falling through a wormhole takes Buffy back to the 18th century, where she must face up to issues she dare not face in the present.

The Arena Series -- Buffy/Spike PG-13 - R

The Ostara Project -- Buffy/Spike - La Femme Nikita Crossover G - NC-17

Charmed Kitten

The Final Prophesy -- Buffy General NC-17

Some one from Angel's past comes back to prepare him, Cordy and Wesley for a Prophesy that will bring them all their heart's desires.


In the Library -- Willow/Spike G

Willow is doing research in the library when someone comes for a visit.

A page out of Spike's Diary -- Willow/Spike PG

Title says it all.

Willow's "Dear Diary" -- Willow/Spike PG

Connected to "A page out of Spike's Diary", Willow is in Turmoil.

The Devastation Series -- Willow/Spike PG - NC-17

Stuck -- Willow/Spike R

Spike and Willow are trapped in a basement. They converse. Completed in 100 acts!

Through the Window -- Willow/Angel(us) PG

Angelus has a new obsession, Willow.

Humans -- Willow/Spike PG-13

Spike does a little 'soul searching' with a captive Willow.

Little Girl Lost -- Willow/Spike R

Willow has suffered a loss and ends up in the gutter. Someone unexpected pulls her out.

A Girl's Thing -- Willow/Spike PG

Willow needs Spike's advice.

Bonding -- Willow/Spike G

Willow and Spike bond, sequel to "A Girl's Thing".

A Kind of Blue -- Willow/Spike/Xander G

Spike's in a temper.

Pain -- Willow/Spike PG

Spike and Willow talk about the past.

Red -- Willow/Spike/Xander G

Xander and Spike talk.

Intensive Care -- Willow/Spike/Xander PG

Spike recovers from a brutal assault.

Sharing -- Willow/Buffy G

Willow and Buffy have a heart-to-heart.

Weekend Fun -- Willow/Spike G

Willow and Spike play poker.

Twilight -- Willow/Spike G

Willow and Spike fight.

She -- Willow/Spike PG

Spike thinks about a girl.

Musings -- Group G

The Scooby gang and its satellites reflect.

Lives --Willow/Spike R

A dialogue in 201 parts. Starts out sweet then takes a sinister turn.

Beyond Words -- Willow/Spike G

Willow goes to extremes to help Spike.

Reality Bites -- Willow/Spike PG

Sequel to "Beyond Words".

Hanging Out -- Willow/Spike G

Willow and Spike find each other.

Willlow and Spike -- Willow/Spike PG-13

The characters interact with interesting consequences. All dialogue.

Rachel Lynn

Did you ever love somebody -- Willow/Xander PG

Willow and Xander go down memory lane while they share a dance together, and sort out their feelings.

Bruce MacDonald

Nor a borrower be -- Xander/Cordelia PG-13

"So in your reality I'm a Bad Ass Vampire?" - Xander, Dopplegangland . . . You ain't seen nothing yet.

Sailor Moon 1980

Gleaming in the Moonlight -- Willow/Xander PG-13

Willow and Xander in the "Wish" universe discuss their future in 'Sunnyhell'.

Playing Doctor -- Willow/Xander PG

Xander laments over the memories of his childhood with Willow.

Empty Lab Stool -- Willow/Xander PG

Xander awakens in a world without Willow.

Dark Cravings -- Willow/Spike R

After the dramatic encounter with Spike in her dorm room, Willow begins to have some very Dark Cravings.

Final Wish -- Willow/Spike R

Willow must make a difficult choice.

Slay Ride -- Willow/Spike G

Willow and Spike spend an interesting Christmas.

New Years Wishes -- Willow/Spike R

Willow and Spike continue their Christmas fun, sequel to Slay Ride.

Smoke -- Willow/Spike PG-13

Willow does a spell to find true love, Guess who it is?


All of Ruby's Stories are new to The Bronze

To Comfort Her -- Willow/Angel PG-13

Willow has a secret, and Angel's determined to find it out.

Turning Willow -- Willow/Spike R

Spike finds an appealing way out of having to deal with the slayer.

Stalkher -- Willow/Spike PG-13

Spike wants Willow.

Haves and Have Nots -- Willow/Spike PG-13

Just a short bit of angst.

Left with Tears -- Willow/Spike R

Sometimes, everyone loses.

Seeking Oblivion -- Willow/Spike R

Everyone tries to cope, sequel to Left with Tears.

Fettered Heart -- Willow/Spike PG-13

Spike and Willow in L.A., sequel to Seeking Oblivion.

Personal Demons -- Willow/Spike/Angel R

Willow discovers she's being watched.

Whom Shall My Soul Believe? -- Willow/Spike R

Willow's in one hell of a mess.

Evil Venery -- Willow/Spike NC-17

Buffy is forced to ask Spike for a favor, sequel to Whom Shall My Soul Belive?.

Deceived --Willow/Spike R

Willow is stunned by a painful betrayal.

Soul's Seduction -- Willow/Angel R

Angel returns to Sunnydale for a spell and ...Willow.

Honey -- Willow/Angel NC-17

Ya ain't gettin' one!!

Sick and Tired -- Willow/Angel/Angelus/Spike R

Willow's sad and cold.

I Can't Leave You -- Willow/Angel R

Angel clears up a misunderstanding.

Forgotten -- Willow/Spike NC-17

Willow has a problem, even though she doesn't think so.

Remember What is Past -- Willow/Spike R

There isn't one. This is just a teaser.

Keeping Willow -- Willow/Spike R

Spike and Willow's escape fails, sequel to Turning Wilow.

Mutual Surrender -- Willow/Spike NC-17

Spike gets Willow, sequel to Stalkher.

Consentual Bondage -- Willow/Spike R

Giles recruits Willow and Spike to correct a mistake.

Past Imperfect -- Willow/Spike NC-17

Spike has had a slight mental adjustment.

Permanent Future -- Willow/Spike NC-17

Buffy and Willow search for answers, sequel to Past Imperfect.

Shadow of the Moon -- Willow/Spike NC-17

Dark fic, dealing with rape. Spike and Angel must help Willow.

What Lies in the Past -- Willow/Spike R

Rewriting history.

Mental Case -- Willow/Spike NC-17

General silliness.

Entangling Alliances -- Willow/Spike/Angel NC-17

Spike has a problem that forces him to seek out help from the Scooby Gang.

The Changing Hearts Series -- Willow/Spike PG-13

The Bored Series -- Willow/Spike PG - NC-17

The I Change but Cannot Die Series -- Willow/Spike PG-13 - NC-17

Sequel to the Bored Series.

The Sad Still Music of Humanity -- Willow/Spike PG - NC-17

Sequel to the I Change but Cannot Die Series.

The I Can't Do This Series -- Willow/Angel PG - NC-17

The Hell Here Series -- Willow/Spike PG-13 - NC-17

The Plagued--Why Us? Series -- Willow/Spike PG-13 - NC-17

Saber ShadowKitten

The Game Series -- Buffy/Spike PG-13 - NC-17

The Summer Series -- Willow/Spike PG-13

A Collection of Short Silly Stories, Friendship stories.


The Queen -- Misc. R

A horrible prophecy that one of the Scooby Gang must defeat or loose a new friend.


Whipped Cream -- Willow/Spike PG

Buffy and Xander play a trick on Willow that reveals some secrets.

I May Be Evil, but I Still Have Feelings -- Spike PG

Spike stumbles across a lost, little something.

The Midnight Prairie Miles of Space -- Buffy General PG-13

A future-revealing prophecy sends Xander, Anya, Willow, and Spike to what the future holds.

Weapons -- Buffy General PG-13

The Scooby Gang gets ready for a war!

The Rescue -- Willow/Spike PG-13

Spike saves someone!

The One Exception -- Willow/Spike R

Spike and Willow bump into each other in the strangest place. Prison.

Their Destiny's -- Willow/Spike PG

The time of the eliminators has come!

Spike's Choice -- Willow/Spike PG-13

The episode 'Choices' with a huge twist!

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